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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fukushima 6 years -on Part I and Part 2

Fukushima 6-years-on: Part 1

Japan’s Press subverts Fukushima repopulation

Japan’s popular Press has effectively disrupted the efforts of Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Tokyo government to return the Fukushima evacuation zone to some semblance of normalcy. But one outlet – Fukushima Minpo – has been an objective ray of sunshine, posting more positive articles than the rest of Japan’s popular Press combined. http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.com/fukushima-commentary.html


Fukushima 6-years-on: Part 2

Positive and negative Fukushima 6th anniversary articles

Fukushima accident anniversary articles literally flood the Japanese and international Press. In the past, nearly all focused on the dire and gloomy. This year, most of the reports were once again dedicated to the negative. However, some enterprising news outlets bucked the tide and took the positive approach. http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.com/fukushima-commentary.html

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